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(Annual Season: June 1 - May 31 of following year)

55,000 to 60,000 players join one or more of the over 450 sanctioned BCA Pool Leagues each year. The BCA Pool League (BCAPL) provides national championships in 8-Ball and 9-Ball and various regional and state championships -- unique opportunities to bring people together for fun and competition. The BCAPL would like to be of service to you as a member of our league system.

BCA Pool League Memberships;

  • League Membership:
    • BCA Pool League annual membership dues are only $15 per year.  Each league “year” starts June 1 and ends May 31. A league membership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of league play, including the opportunity to qualify for local, state, regional, and national tournaments.  
  • CSI Associate Membership:
    • If a league is not available in your area, or if you are unable to play on a team, you may enter BCAPL singles events (singles only - no team or scotch doubles) if you purchase a Player Membership for $25. Player Memberships are effective for a 12-month period, starting on the date you join.  A player needs to purchase a separate League Membership ($15) to play on a team in any local league.

What BCAPL Provides For Sanctioned Leagues;

1.      National Championships in 8-Ball and 9-Ball are held for league teams and individuals who are sanctioned with the BCA Pool League.

2.      Membership cards and league patches are provided for all paid league players. Also, Championship and Runner-up pins per league will be sent upon request at no charge at the end of your season.

3.      Special Awards pins or patches such as "MVP" and "Most Table Runs" -- and one complimentary "Special Awards Package" may be requested for each sanction sent. Additional pins or patches may be ordered at a nominal price. Call the BCA Pool League for a full list of Special Awards.

4.      Digital copy of "The Official Rules of CueSports International"

5.      A copy of the BCA Rule Book will be sent to the League Operator.

What's Required of League Operators

·         The criteria for league sanctioning is very simple as long as you adhere to the following guidelines: Any league requesting BCA sanction should have a minimum of 30 players and a minimum of 6 teams. The League Secretary must also submit

1.      The completed League Sanction Forms

2.      An initial list of the names & addresses of all league members to BCA with the fees for each member

·         The list of league members must include a roster of players on each team, and Team Captains. Periodically, the League Secretary will need to send the lists of new players, addresses and their sanction fees to the BCAPL.

·         Every player in your sanctioned league, regulars as well as substitutes that have played more than one (1) match, must be sanctioned members!


·         All correspondence for the league will be carried out by one representative, whether the person is noted as the League Secretary, League President or League Operator. Once a month that representative will send all four weekly Standings Sheets for the league to the BCAPL. The Standings Sheets must indicate the team and date.

BCAPL players competing in at least eight (8) full matches over at least eight (8) calendar weeks in a single division during a sanctioned league session are qualified to compete in the singles, scotch doubles and team divisions of the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships. There are no weekly playing requirements for "Player Members."  However, Player Members may play in Singles and Masters Scotch Doubles events only.

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